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Welcome to Qingzhou City Dongfang Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Qingzhou City Dongfang Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Amphibious Boat
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Amphibious ship

Name:Amphibious ship
Details : Tracked amphibious mowing boat can sail in the river, but also walk on land, shallow, shallow draft, wide operating range (ordinary plants harvested only boat in the river water depth can not be close to the shore, wetlands can not work in the shallows) , Operating speed of 4km / h.
This equipment can be used to clean up the water waste, harvesting rice straw, reeds, water, peanuts and other aquatic, wetland plants. Since the device can walk in the shallows near the shore, so the plants collected trash can unload directly into the shore, unloading hei
ght of up to 2.6 meters.
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